Thursday, July 9, 2015

CCD ~ Religious Education for 2015/2016

CCD Classes are relatively scheduled to begin again in October. If you are interested in teaching or volunteering in the CCD Classes for 2015/2016 year, please contact Ann Merkle at (530)859-3279. Registration for CCD classes will begin in August and run through September.

CCD Update for our May 10 Sunday Bulletin:

Our Catholic families are happy to give their congratulations to: 
(Left to Right) Zachary Stazsel, Irelynn McWilliams, Alexa Thompson and Julian Ramirez
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They received their First Holy Communion on Sunday, May 5, 2015. Our parish is blessed to have our young children so mindful of their faith. Let's keep them in our prayers. Also a big thank you to our older children and young adults who brought flowers in honor of our Blessed Mother Mary. Our church was filled with love of the Lord! A special thank you also goes to Our Altar Society for the beautiful cake and special decorations to honor our children. The teachers and children felt honored by all your thoughtfulness.