Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Communion last May 3, 2015

First Communion and the Crowning of the Blessed Mother was be held last Sunday, May 3, at the 9 am Mass. In preparation for the First Holy Communion Ceremony and the Crowning of the Blessed Mother, the CCD students as well as all children of the parish were invited to participate. They had a practice session last Sat., April 25th at 2 pm. First Confessions ( The Sacrament of Reconciliation) were held last Sat. , April 25th at 3 pm at the Church. All Communion children were required to take their first Confession prior to First Holy Communion. At least one parent was required to be present. Parents and families took confessions right after the children.

Lavada Erickson, the CCD Coordinator, would like to thank everyone for their time and assistance with Communion Preparation. She extends appreciation and God's blessings to all those involved.

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